Newborn Session Preparation Guide

Congratulations on the arrival of your little one and may I just say a huge thank you for selecting me to capture these precious moments for you. 

Before I arrive:-

So that we can get the best out of your session there are a few simple steps you can take to help everything to go more smoothly:_

  • Please give baby a full feed around my arrival time - it is important to feed baby as close to my arrival as possible, so that little one will settle and be ready to start as soon as I have everything set up.

  • I am baby led so there is no need to keep baby awake before your session, in fact doing so may lead to over tiredness which could make it a little more difficult to calm and settle your little one during the session..

  • Please make sure that the room we will be using is nice and warm, as baby will be having some photos taken without clothes as well as many with wraps and outfits on. 

  • I would like, where possible, to conduct your session in the room which contains the most natural light, please clear a small space close to a window where I will be free to set up my Newborn Posing Beanbag, stand and fill lights. 

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What to expect from me:-


As a Mother myself I understand that having a newborn baby is one of the most special times in your life, you have all kinds of emotions as a new mummy and I want you to feel assured that whilst working with your baby I will treat them as my own. 

I am baby led and will therefore only ever pop them into poses they are comfortable with, I will never expect baby to 'give in' to a pose or position I have placed them in, if they are not happy they will be repositioned into a more comfortable pose. 

My aim is to provide you with a beautiful gallery containing timeless artwork that you can display on your walls for years to come. I will capture all of the little details - teeny fingers, tiny toes, nose, lips and eyes, along with a mix of natural and Fine Art pieces. 

Managing Expectations

Capturing the precious moments of your baby's first few weeks is such a joyous occasion and it is important to me that you feel happy and content during your session.


I would love for you to stay in the room and watch the session from start to finish and in many cases there are times when you can be part of the session, either by simply helping me to settle baby, assisting me in ensuring we get baby posed perfectly, or depending on the package you choose, pose with baby. 

Whilst I will do my utmost to capture all of the poses you are hoping for, please be mindful that baby may not feel comfortable or settle properly into a pose and in this case we will simply try another. 

Please don't worry about the time I am with you, it doesn't worry me if I need to stay with you slighter longer than planned and you will not be charged for the extra time (up to 30 minutes).


All that is left is for you to sit back (with a much needed cuppa I'm sure) and enjoy the session. 

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