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Safely's how you can help

I cannot tell you how excited I am to have the green light to reopen and to be able to come and meet the babies born during lockdown to finally capture those special memories for you.

I have spoken at length with my local councillor for guidance on how I can safety reopen given that my work is conducted in the homes of my clients and below you will find some steps that you can take to help keep yourselves and me safe during my visit. I would like to take a moment to share with you the practises I already adopt which have been in place before Covid-19 to protect my tiniest of clients.

We are all very aware that the government guidelines are to maintain a social distance of 2 metres and in most cases, even in your homes, this will be possible. Having measured the floor space it has become apparent to me that I regularly stand this distance away from you when shooting families, maternity, sitter sessions, cake smashes and fruit splashes, the only area in which it is not possible to keep a distance of 2m is Newborn work. However, there are plenty of simple practises we can do together to ensure Newborn Sessions can go ahead and safely, for us all.

What I already do:-

The below have been my standard practises since I first started as a Newborn Photographer, cleanliness and your safety are paramount to me:-

  • All blankets, rugs and wraps are washed after each session using fairy non-bio and comfort pure. I will also be adding Napisan into my wash which is a baby safe detergent that kills 99.9% of bacteria 

  • All accessories are cleaned and sprayed with sanitiser after each session

  • Paper backdrops are cut off and disposed of leaving a new unused portion ready for the next session

  • Newborn Posing Beanbag is sanitised during and after each session

  • Hand sanitiser is used throughout each session

  • All equipment, including camera is cleaned down after each session with antibacterial solution

What I will be adding into my standard practises:-

  • I shall be wearing a face cover throughout our session

  • I will be wearing gloves throughout and will change these regularly so as not to risk cross-contamination (not that I think you have anything, just following guidelines)

  • I will have with me a disposable bag to pop gloves into so that they do not touch your floor area or any of my equipment.

  • All stand equipment will be wiped down upon set up and set down including the bars and feet of backdrop stand, lights etc.

What you can do to help:-

  • Wear a face cover throughout our session, removing for photos and safely replacing. If you will not be in the photos, please still wear a face cover during the session.

  • Open all doors for me if required

  • Open windows/doors in the room the session will be in to ensure good ventilation

  • I kindly ask that other members of your household are not in the room the session will be conducted in, unless they are to be included in the photos, and if they will be participating, kindly ask them to wear a face covering until required for photos.

  • Pose younger children on the setup for me, I will happily direct you as to where is best.

  • Contact me immediately if you, your child or any other member of your household starts to feel or become unwell with any symptoms, Covid-19 or otherwise and we will then reschedule your session for a later date.

Newborn Precautions:-

Below are a few ways in which we can work together during a newborn session to ensure we keep each other safe:-

  • For unwrapped poses Mummy to safely lay baby on the beanbag when asked, as per my instruction, we will do this workflow first if baby is settled/asleep or after the wrapped workflow if baby is awake

  • I will then position the posing aids underneath blankets to ensure baby is in a comfortable position

  • Hand sanitiser used by both myself and mummy throughout and before we pick up, place baby. Passing of baby from one to the other will be minimal

  • I will hand sanitise and then safely position a wrap under baby and continue to wrap baby whilst placed on the beanbag, that way baby is not laying on me whilst being wrapped but safely on my beanbag.

  • I will then conduct all wrap workflow so as to keep fluidity of the session

  • All workflow with be carried out on my baby posing beanbag and poses of baby in props will be created in post production, so as to minimise the number of props brought into your home on the day. This will not affect the gallery you receive as many of the prop images you see on my facebook page/website have been created in this way.

Although these measures will seem strange to begin with please don't let them worry you, together we will keep each other safe and you will be free to enjoy your session without feeling restricted.

Again, I kindly ask that you contact me to reschedule if you or any member of your family/household starts to feel unwell or exhibit symptoms that could lead to you becoming unwell, this applies to any illness not just Coronavirus symptoms, as it is important that you keep yourselves safe and allow me to stay safe and protect my clients in every way I can.

Thank you for supporting me in my return to work during these uncertain times, together we will embrace our new normal and continue to have a great time.

Selena x

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